Definition: Common Semitic noun *bacl-, lord. 1a. Baal, from Hebrew bacal, lord, Baal; b. Beelzebub, from Hebrew bacal zǝbûb, lord (of the) fly, pejorative alteration of bacal zǝbûl, lord prince (name of a Philistine god; see ḏbb and zbl). 2a. Hannibal, from Phoenician (Punic) *ḥannī-bacl, my grace (is) Baal (see ḥnn); b. Hasdrubal, from Phoenician (Punic) *cazrō-bacl, his help (is) Baal (see ḏr). Both a and b from Phoenician (Punic) *bacl, lord, Baal. 3. Belshazzar, from Hebrew bēlšaṣṣar, from Akkadian bēl-šar-uṣur, “Bel, protect the king”, from bēl, absolute form of bēlu, lord, Bel (Akkadian god; šar, king, and uṣur, protect; see śrr and nṯr).

The American Heritage dictionary of the English language. 2015.

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